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New year, new project! . Adriana Lima, my first inspiration G.!

Ano novo, projeto novo!!

Pois é G's, chegou o momento de vos dar a notícia que já guardo para mim há um tempinho... 
Querendo dar-vos a conhecer um pouco mais das minhas inspirações, todas as segundas feiras irei postar uma nova "mini entrevista" a bloggers ou instagramers que eu admiro. Este projeto tem-me dado a oportunidade de falar com pessoas fantásticas e que apoiam o meu trabalho com palavras de carinho e novas ideias admiradoras!
Espero que aproveitem tanto como eu este novo projeto... Se tiverem novas ideias partilhem comigo e com o mundo!

Beijinhos gigantes, M.

New year, new project !!
Hi G's, it's time to give you the news that I've been keeping for myself until now ... 
I wanted to let you know a little more about my inspirations, so every monday I will post a new "mini interview" of bloggers or instagramers that I admire. This project has giving me the opportunity to speak with great people that support my work with loving words and great new ideas.I hope you enjoy this new project as much as I do... If you have new ideas share them with me and the world!

Big kisses, M.

Adriana Gonçalves Lima, palavras para quê? Deixo-vos com a fantástica entrevista a uma das instagramers que mais me inspira! Uma das pessoas mais simpáticas e amorosas que já conheci... Aposto que vão ficar todas fãs!

Adriana Gonçalves Lima, words for what? I leave you with a fantastic interview with one of my inspiring instagramers! One of the friendliest and loving people I have ever met ... I bet you will all become fans!
Have fun...

Talk a little about you
Hello! Thank you for remembering me Mafalda, I loved this proposal and I'm glad you wanna know a little more about me.
 In fact this partnership between girls who love fashion and the art of living seems amazing to me! I hope the readers can identify with me.
But who am I? I am Adriana Lima, I am a very proud Portuguese girl from the north (Minho)! I was born on the morning of November 5, 1995, I am from Caminha, a village somewhere between the mountain and the beach, in northern Portugal, I must say it is my favorite place, I was and am very happy in the place that saw me grow.
I am aware that I am an enigma to many people, I'm a girl who just entered the curious 20s and full of desire to explore my creativity and give body and soul to many projects, including the Geraldina Project and Dawnson's choice.
But I am like most of readers, a very real woman, measuring 1.65, weighing 49kg, with a shoe size of 37.5 and wearing the number 36. 
My passions are my family, friends, animals, beach, photography and short trips. I like to collect shells, looks and sunsets. I admire my origins and all those around me, I am a person who believes strongly in energy and am lucky to be surrounded by very pure people that allow me to have the lifestyle I have, of relaxation and "carpe diem".

When did your passion for fashion start?
My passion for fashion came up when I was about 13 years old, by then I was a carefree ... I just wanted to wear comfortable outfits so I could play in the street. When I started entering adolescence, to have more parties, to enter the real female world where the competition is unfortunately inevitable, I felt I had to prove who I was, take a stand. And I have found in fashion a way to express myself, I used to go to fairs with my mother, she is the master of business, she could buy beautiful pieces with just two coins in her hands. She inspired me and I became like her, I must confess...Bargaining in order to be able to lower the prices of things I wanted to buy, so that I could have more clothes with less, made me a fashion enthusiast. I like trends, but I never lost my essence, so I mixed clothes from best known brands with some second hand clothes. I love risk, not afraid to wear what I like, I dress only for myself and I'm very pleased when I can look impeccable, sometimes with three euros sweaters, and pants of ten.

Did you ever think that would reach so many followers? How was that evolution?
Instagram opens huge doors for me, it has been so positive. I have grown a lot and became more independent. It is a platform that allows to me to know, meet other worlds, get inspiration from other lifes and expand my small projects, which previously only occupied place in my imagination. Lately I've done advertising for some brands, some known, others less so, often publicit small projects like mine. People are very generous, I receive many gifts, I feel so cherished, both virtual and personal level, it is good to be recognized and 23k enjoy my lifestyle and want to follow me, is surreal. It's not just numbers, they are real people that just with a click show interest in knowing who we are and this somehow gives us encouragement.

What has changed in your life since you've dedicated it to this work?
For now this is not a job, it's pure pleasure, not much has changed ... I'm the same dreamy, with the same passions, I feel just a little bit more ambitious. This whole process has been healthy, I hate to be stopped and the Instagram and adherence of people to my pages has been an encouragement to me. And well ... I must confess... It was there where I discovered my purpose. I study Language, Literatures and Cultures in Foreign Language in the University of Porto, never knew very well what my talent was, but knew I liked dealing with people, studying other cultures, languages etc. But nothing yet made sense to me. Now I know what is the way forward, I will finish my degree and can hardly start studying Business Communication. I've found an assumption and that I love my life, to go down that route.

Have you had bad moments? If so, could you tell me one?
Yes, of course I've had bad times... I've always been judged, and unfortunately for my appearance. All my life I had to deal with the fact that people think that I was too "snob" before knowing me, and from the moment they start talking to me they completely change their opinion ...I think that people find me a "nose up" because I am very active on social networks and can be misinterpreted by taking lots of photos, who's on the other side thinks that I suffer from a narcissistic complex, but I just like to capture the moments and share them with the world. Everything changed a little when I became public my projects and even than there are people that criticize and try to find a way to sabotage my little and honest work. The project that gives me most pleasure is the Geraldina. Born in March 2015, raised by my aunt Helena Gonçalves and me. She left everything to devote to my grandmother Geraldina who suffered from Alzheimer's and her life was becoming too monotonous and I thought she needed motivation, joy and color in her daily live, to feel alive and remember to enjoy her talent in sewing and together we have created a brand (Geraldina_Project), there are original pieces of crochet, applications, etc... A world apart! They can prove that it is all done by hand and with great affection. Unfortunately my grandmother passed away in October, and the project is now done in her memory. It was from there that people have gained respect for me and gave Adriana an opportunity, saw me without filters, transparent and life goals.

What was the most positive moment resulting from your work?
The most positive moment for me was to be able to discover myself, to reinvent me and challenge me every day. I am very grateful for the support I have had in my initiatives and the feedback of those who follow me. I still have a long path ahead, let all the negative back and for now I'm enjoying the journey.

Where can we find and follow your work?
You can follow me by Instagram: @adrianagolima, and my two projects (geraldina_project and dawnson's choice, clothes selling second-hand).

What do you think of Girl's Diary blog?
Thank you Mafalda for giving me this opportunity to participate in your little corner. I think that we have both a very particular taste for fashion and communication, your blog will grow much more and it's already there inspiring many girls, congratulations!!! Thanks also to the readers, for reading my little outburst, it was great to share a piece of me with you.
Follow me because there is more! Good year to all.

With Love, M.&A.

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  1. Tenho a dizer-te...que projecto simplesmente espetacular o teu:) Adorei mesmo!!
    E adorei a entrevista, os moldes, adorei a entrevistada...uau!!
    Ansiosa pela próxima:)

  2. Só não percebi uma coisa, a Adriana só tem instagram?

    1. Olá Elisa, muito obrigada pelas tuas palavras tão queridas!

      Todas as segundas podes conhecer as minhas inspirações.

      Respondendo à tua pergunta, sim, para já a Adriana só tem instagram.

      Beijinho grande,

      With Love, M.